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Ryan "The Rhino" Karleskint

Hello! I'm Ryan Karleskint, a Web & Graphic Designer.
Creating exciting and intuitive web experiences is what I love to do.

What have I done?

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Below is a collection of some of my design work. Here you will find examples of websites,
customized templates, user interfaces, marketing materials and more.

About Me

Ryan Karleskint    •    Web Designer    •    Rhino

So, What's So Special About Me?

Hi there. My name is Ryan Karleskint and I love building clean, intuitive and effective websites. I have over five years of experience working in start-up and corporate environments, some of it remote and some on-site. My passion is learning, and more specifically learning more about this wonderful industry surrounding the web. The thing that fascinates me the most is how quickly it all evolves. I absolutely love the idea that in ten to fifteen years, whatever user experience I am designing for will likely be very different, and that it will need to be optimized for any number of new and improved platforms. That is what keeps me on the edge, always pushing myself to go further, to learn, and to try new things.

Just like with web design, I'm always interested in trying new adventures and activities in my free time! Though I spend a lot of my time working, I enjoy several hobbies to keep things exciting. I like to stay active by running and kayaking on some of Florida's beautiful rivers. Additionally, my interest in computers comes from being a longtime gamer. I'll often round up the team for some online carnage in Planetside 2 or Chivalry: Medieval Warfare, and when I feel like flying solo I'll load up an epic campaign from games like The Last of Us and BioShock Infinite.

Skills & Tools

  • UI UX Design
  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • InDesign
  • Photo Editing
  • CSS/ CSS 3
  • Jquery / Javascript
  • Wordpress / Django
  • PHP / ASP.NET / C# / Python

What is with the Rhino?

I relate well to a lot of the qualities of a rhino in my professional and personal life. I am a very nice and personable person, just as rhinos can be quite docile and friendly. When I have a task or goal that I want to reach, however, I get the job done. Or, more figuratively, I charge through it and thoroughly enjoy the journey along the way. On a more personal note, I was given a stuffed rhino at birth, and have been aptly named Ryan the Rhino over the years. It is a part of me, and represents me well, so I have embraced it.

Are You Not Entertained?!

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Ryan Karleskint

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